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  Track Wizard
$429.00 plus S/H
Replacement Wheels
$22.95 plus S/H
This is the only track cleaning car you will ever need.
Self-propelled or in consist with counter-rotating rollers.
Cleaning fluid dispenser.

Thank you for your business if you have already purchased the Track Wizard track cleaning system. If you haven't the following will convince you of it's worth. It is constructed using the highest quality components and is designed for a lifetime of trouble free service.

There are two component parts to your Track Wizard. One is the track cleaning motor and gears, and the other is the cleaning fluid tank.

Please note that the Track Wizard is a self propelled unit. The mechanism is designed to run with any AC transformer. It must be run in CONVENTIONAL mode and the track power must not exceed 6 to 8 volts.

There is no reverse mechanism. To reverse direction turn the Track Wizard around. However, a Dallee Electronics E unit could be installed to make the unit reversible. It is designed to run in one direction indicated by the arrow.

The Wizard is equipped with two foam rollers. Foam rollers are used because they are not abrasive and will not remove the blackened finish from the center rail. The front roller is designed to distribute the cleaning agent and the second roller is used to pick up the loosened dirt and grime. We test each Track Wizard so you will notice some track residue on the rollers when you receive your Wizard.

Setting the Drip Rate
1. We recommend a 50/50 mixture of denatured alcohol and acetone as a cleaning fluid.
Denatured alcohol alone will also work as a cleaning fluid.
CAUTION: These mixtures are flammable. Do not use near an open flame or while smoking.

2. Using an allen wrench, loosen the brass band holding the cleaning fluid tank and remove the tank from the Wizard. You will notice three small spigots on the tank, each designed to drip cleaning fluid on each individual rail beneath the cleaning roller. Next to the rubber stopper is the air vent controlled by a small cap screw. Close the vent with the allen head wrench provided. Now close the three drip spigots by screwing down the cap screws with the wrench. Remove the rubber cork and fill the tank only about a quarter of an inch deep or less. Do not fill the tank to the top.

3. Place the tank on a small block of wood with the three drip spigots over the edge. While holding the tank absolutely level, open the air vent. Now begin adjusting the spigot screws with the 5/64 wrench until you have a drip rate of one drop every 3 to 5 seconds. Adjust each of the three spigots the same way. Limit each spigot to no more the one drip every 5 seconds. Once this is completed, close the air vent and replace the tank on the Wizard and secure it with the metal band. Check that the spigots are not too close to the roller or gears and that the pickup wires are secured under the band as before.

4. Place the Track Wizard on the track and open the air vent. Set the track voltage between six and eight volts and allow the Wizard to run until the track is clean. Please NOTE that once the drip rate is set you never have to reset the drip rate. NEVER exceed more the 10 volts and do not run the Track Wizard in DCS or TMCC. It must be run in conventional mode.

Removing and replacing the foam rollers
1. Turn the Wizard on its side (either side) and remove the four allen head screws in each corner. Holding the side plate in place, carefully remove the plate. Remove the two rollers and set aside. Leave the main drive axle and the brass gear in place. Save the special thin washers. Place the two new rollers or the existing rollers that have been cleaned (see step 2) in their respective bearings and make sure that the washers are on each side of the axles. Replace the side plate.

Cleaning the Rollers
1. In a large bowl, place one cup of Mr. Clean and three cups of hot water and soak the rollers for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove and rinse with warm clean water and let dry. Replacement rollers can be purchased from O Gauge Connection.
The cost of two replacement rollers with stainless steel axles is $22.49 plus shipping.

We trust that the Track Wizard will give you many years of dependable service. Please call or email if you have any questions about your Track Wizard.
Russ Boersma


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